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Trade shows are no place for the window-shoppers, the typical trade show attendees today have a clear mind on what they want from the various booths they visit. Time is money and they wish to spend both efficiently. These are shoppers who mean game and exhibitors must brush up the marketing strategies in hand and all the sales tricks they have up their sleeves.

Trade show booth design:

Ideally, a trade show booth should provide the visitor a comforting feeling. Exhibit display can be designed with portable trade show booth system, Modular exhibit display system, Custom Modular trade show display system or you can get a customized booth design. Depending on your trade show budget you may choose from a wide range of exhibition systems available in the market to get your trade show display designed. But make sure that it is open and well lit, so that a good word can take place between the two parties. Instead of standing opposite each other, a side-by-side discussion helps invite a friendly tone to business. Make your zone a place where the attendees stop and listen to what you have to say. Round tables are popular for increase in sales interactions. If you are participating for the first time or in case you have skimp budget than trade show booth displays are also available as rental exhibits or trade show rentals. Opting for exhibit booth rental saves huge cost & keeps you hassle free from the issue of storing entire exhibition booth.


Messy, bulky catalogues must be avoided. Lean is in and a page of valuable data on your company is better than pages after pages on company profile. These prospective customers do not like spending time waiting on the other side of the phone to get their queries answered. Send out required information by the end of every day to make a successful functioning relation with such buyers. As the old saying goes, strike the iron when it is hot, one mustn’t be laid back in the follow up approach of marketing. And in no way, should the clients be taken for granted. Use the best trade show exhibit kiosk be it portable kiosk or modular kiosk to display your product or service literature. Place your brochure holder in an easy accessible place.


Remember that you are not dressed to a park, dress appropriately for your trade show participation. Suits however are a thing of the past as they seem a bit over-done. Full sleeved shirts with a tinge of color add a certain sense of élan to the exhibit’s representatives. Accessorize minimal, only if it adds value and enhances your corporate look.

Tradeshow Do’s & Don’ts:

The show is only over when you think it is. So rush not, rather wait for the day to get over, as you are bound to meet these serious shoppers in the late hours. The last visitors to come to your booth are probably the best and may help generate the best leads. When the exhibition is coming to a close, these buyers often have quite a few unmet needs. For all you know, they could be your greatest orders. The morale should always be running high, keeping aside what time in the day it is. Grab an opportunity, in this case a shopper, when you see one. The attendees have taken time out of their routine to make some buys, make their task easier for them.